Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Comparing Kundlis? Compare Credit Score Too

Kundli-milan has been an important aspect of match-making in India for centuries.  While one can argue the true significance of that in ensuring a happy married life, another element that’s been proven true to contribute to a healthy married life is credit score matching.
According to a research report by Federal Reserve Board, individuals with a high credit score are more likely to form lost lasting and committed relationships in comparison to the ones with a low credit score. Moreover, they found that the greater is the difference between a couple’s credit scores, the higher is the possibility of their relationship to end within 5 years.
There are many reasons why a couple with comparable CIBIL scores are likely to be compatible with each other and lead a happy married life. The following are some examples that show how:
1. Commitment
Building a high credit score takes commitment. You can’t quit down the road when things get tough. Even a small mistake can ruin all your efforts that you made in building the score. So, the free CIBIL score of two people is really high then they are likely to be lead a happy and long married life because they both would know the importance of being committed to something. 
2. Problem Solving
When you get married when you also share your problems with your partner. So, a person whose free CIBIL score is high can be a good choice. This is because you can’t build a good score unless you are good at problem solving.
Financial problems such repayment of home loans, budget and personal expenses, etc. are inevitable. However, the way you handle these problems can make or break your creating rating. If you are capable to fixing the problems then you can be a good life partner for someone. Thus, you would want your partner to have a high score too so that you are both understanding of each other’s personalities and help each other out whenever needed.
3. Jobs and Career
Businesses have started considering the credit score of individuals when hiring. It’s much likely that in the near future having a high credit score becomes mandatory. So, that’ another aspect to think about when you are searching for your life partner.
If you have a high credit rating yourself, then you won’t have any problem getting the jobs you are interested in. However, if your partner’s credit report has a mention of loan repayment or a poor score, then they might struggle in their career. This can create problems in your married life too.
4. Difference in Personalities
Comparable credit scores usually also translate to comparable personalities. For instance, if you and your partner both have an exceptionally high score, then it’s likely that you both like to stay organized and do things in a disciplined order. Similarly, if your scores lie between good and excellent, then it’s possible that you both have a laid-back kind of personality and you both like not to over think about things in general.  In both examples, one thing is true that the couples will be more comfortable with each other because of their similar personalities.
Take Match-Making to the Next Level
Getting married to someone is a big decision. It’s all about spending your life with someone who you often don’t usually know much about. So, you must try all kinds of things possible to ensure that the match is perfect.

While matching your kundlis may certainly help make the decision, you should also try to match your credit ratings too. Besides, finance is going to an important part of your life as a couple, so it’s only smart to learn how your potential-partner handles their personal finance such as home loans, credit cards, etc.

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